At OLOVE, we share with our producers a strong respect for the land and the people. Reinvesting in the community is one of our priorities

Although the pandemic is thankfully behind us, the world is facing different and complex challenges that again demand that we work together to meet them. Major crises with global consequences have emerged across the globe, including the war in Ukraine, inflation and global warming.

In Tunisia, the economic crisis has been exacerbated by political instability and external shocks, and it is heartbreaking to see the adversity Tunisians endure every day as a result.

That's why we are committed to build strong relationships with workers who work in the olive sector and ensuring that our activities help create a positive legacy that helps local communities thrive. As part of our charitable giving strategy, we support a range of good local and national causes and encourage our employees and partners to become more involved in this direction.


We are proud to donate 5% of our online sales and 1% of our retail sales to charity in Tunisia. Obviously 5% is a very important amount for any business, but at OLOVE, supporting local communities and good causes in Tunisia and around the world is one of our main reasons for being and we take this very seriously.

If you are a charity or nonprofit in need of financial support, please apply to our program by completing the form below. Our committee will be pleased to review your request and will get back to you shortly. Applicants must be registered and active charities or associations.

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Notre sélection comporte une gamme d’huiles d’olive vierges extra de caractère, au profil harmonieux, qui vous offrent une expérience gustative unique et sublimer vos plus belles recettes.