OLOVE is simply a love story, a gesture of affection and gratitude to my homeland, Tunisia. After several years away from my country, it is a need to reconnect. A call to rediscover my roots, my land and my people. A kind of return trip.

It was in the small fine grocery store and restaurant Blue Olive in Moncton, Canada that I took my first steps, my initiation. I saw hundreds of bottles of olive oil of all kinds from Greece passing through Spain, Italy, Morocco and of course Tunisia. These experiences have developed in me a particular interest in olive oil and a desire to learn more. The first tasting and testing sessions quickly turned into a new obsession, a dream and finally the beginning of this new adventure...

The many trips and precious encounters in various regions of Tunisia have finally allowed me to offer you an exceptional olive oil highlighting the tremendous work of the workers and producers of olive oil in Tunisia. OLOVE has just been born.

A unique organic extra virgin olive oil that has been specially selected for you with great care and love from among the best in Tunisia. Fine and harmonious, rich in aromas, it will bring a touch of perfection to your finest recipes. Loaded with polyphenols and powerful antioxidants, it would have incredible benefits on your health.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. - Rumi




At OLOVE, our mission is to promote Tunisian extra virgin olive oil, recognized among the best in the world, by highlighting authenticity, quality and the « ORGANIC » label. We are working to strengthen the presence of « made in Tunisia » in Canada and around the world, all in modesty and simplicity, with a lot of love and gentleness.

To this end, we have decided to collaborate with passionate producers recognized worldwide who produce one of the best olive oils in the world. All with total respect for the land and the peoples, following an approach committed to fair trade and sustainable development.

Our olive oil is our pride, our precious and very dear heritage, a know-how preserved and developed for more than 3000 years, which we would like to share with all humanity.


All those who have visited Tunisia remember an unforgettable experience lived in a small village somewhere between the vast fields of olive trees where they had the chance to taste a unique freshly pressed olive oil of green color and fruity taste, obviously served with the famous Tabouna bread, all under the beautiful Mediterranean sun. At OLOVE, we want our products to make you relive this unique experience. And if you have never traveled to Tunisia, OLOVE will bring you there as close as possible.

At OLOVE, we take care to choose the best harvesting and extraction methods to bring you, through a rigorous process, the best of olive oil.

ORGANIC - GMO FREE : Our oils are produced exclusively from premium organic Tunisian olives, hand-picked and freshly pressed within hours. GMO FREE.

PREMIUM QUALITY : We only produce extra virgin oils by first cold pressing at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius, directly by mechanical extraction to guarantee superior quality.

EARLY HARVEST : The olives are picked very early at the start of the season, which results in an extra virgin olive oil with greater complexity of aromas and flavors.

MONOVARIETAL : Our oils are made only from one and the same variety of olives, unlike the majority of olive oils available in stores, which are made from a mixture of several varieties, often from different countries. We made this choice in order to preserve the authenticity and unique characteristics of each variety of olives. So you can appreciate for example the delicacy of the Chemlali variety and the power of the Chetoui variety.

SINGLE ORIGIN : Each olive oil comes from a single producer and a single plot of land in order to have the most original and unaltered flavor profile.

HEALTH BENEFITS : In addition to its very low acidity which is less than 0.2%, our early harvest olive oils are considered more beneficial to health, as this type of oil has superior antioxidant properties, due to greater presence of polyphenols, and also offers superior nutritional values.

TRANSPARENCY : Our labels always specify the country of origin, the domain, the name of the producer, the date of harvest, and the variety of olives.

TRACEABILITY : We guarantee the quality and authenticity of our products. The production process is traced from harvest to bottling to delivery.

FAIR TRADE : We share with our producers a strong respect for the land and people. Fair trade & sustainable development.

BEST IN THE WORLD : We are very fortunate to have access to passionate producers, recognized around the world, who produce one of the best olive oils in the world.


Our selection includes a range of extra virgin olive oils with character and a harmonious profile, which offer you a unique taste experience and enhance your finest recipes.


We are very lucky to have access to a passionate producer recognized worldwide who produces one of the best olive oils in the world : Olea Kotti.