Tunisian Organic
Extra virgin Olive Oil
Made with LOVE

Early Harvest - Premium

All those who have visited Tunisia remember an unforgettable experience lived in a small village somewhere between the vast fields of olive trees where they had the chance to taste a unique freshly pressed olive oil of green color and fruity taste, obviously served with the famous Tabouna bread, all under the beautiful Mediterranean sun. At OLOVE, we want our products to make you relive this unique experience. And if you have never traveled to Tunisia, OLOVE will bring you there as close as possible.

olove tunisia
Olive Oil

A unique organic extra virgin olive oil that has been selected for you with great care and love from among the best olive oils in Tunisia. Fine and harmonious, rich in aromas, it will bring a touch of perfection to your finest recipes.

Best in the World

We are very lucky to have access to a passionate producer recognized worldwide who produces one of the best olive oils in the world : Olea Kotti.