OLOVE olive oil tasting pack 2x20ml

OLOVE olive oil tasting pack 2x20ml

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Tasting pack of 2 mini olive oil Bottles Robust and Moderate 20ml each. It's a good way to try our 2 olive oils before committing to a larger size bottle. These delightful mini bottles can be taken anywhere with you and drizzled over a quick salad at lunch, used to cook your favorite dinner at home, or just to be used as a finishing oil. It is a great idea to surprise someone and introduce him to the OLOVE world. 

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The Chemlali variety (also called Sahli) is a typical Tunisian olive variety, the most widespread in Tunisia, especially in the regions of Sfax and the Sahel. Small in size, it produces an olive oil fluid in texture, with a smooth and very fruity flavor. With little bitterness and a slight spicy touch at the end.

Mohamed Ali Kotti is a passionate producer and renowned olive grower who combines organic farming and the production of high quality oil. Its olive trees are located mainly in the regions of Sfax, the Sahel and the northwest.

Olea Kotti was born from a passion and a love for the olive tree transmitted from father to son for three generations. It is the story of a family that knew how to respect, maintain and cultivate olive groves, some of which have been established since 1890.


Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age. As soon as the bottle is opened, the oxidation process accelerates and the oil degrades rather quickly. For that reason, you must be very careful with the olive oil storage, so make sure you keep your olive oil in a dark glass bottle away from the light and heat sources, in a cool and dry place.

Close the bottle tightly after use to avoid exposing the oil to air, and consume within three months of opening to enjoy it full benefits. You do not have to refrigerate it.

  • Harvest date : Nov 2021



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